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Executive Recruitment and Selection

We provide an exceptional recruitment services to find the most potential candidates to suit the specific position based on clients requirements. Through our comprehensive contacts, extensive networking and diligent research; we are able to effectively source the best candidates that suit your requirements. CB Indonesia will provide all of the capabilities to search and select candidates for any level, from daily workers, staff, and managers up to the highest level in every business field, such as: Board of Directors. CB Indonesia will manage and arrange to share a qualified candidate to other associated office globally. We manage the professionals in the field of human resources and management teams where we work together with our prospective Clients.

Human Resources Management

In some businesses areas, such working consultation may be required to upgrade the level of staff competency. Therefore, CB Indonesia may conduct some consultancy which relates to business competency. We are vendor neutral, offering a mix of our own and external suppliers’ assessment products, based on the needs of the role and organisation. Assessment for Selection may include: personality types, abstract reasoning, numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, critical thinking, decision making, emotional intelligence, vocational preferences, spatial reasoning, and mechanical reasoning.



We know that high performing teams must work across four domains:

  • Clarity of purpose and goals,
  • Clearly defined structure,
  • Leading and influencing others,
  • Strong relationships.

Presently, CB Indonesia has been implementing such kind of newly assessment tool, which involve the people capabilities, skill and their talent. Such tools, has just recently been implemented and nearly effected to the people talent progress. Assess team effectiveness when creating a new teams, overcoming conflict or providing overall team performance and productivity improvements.


Employment Legal Services

Started in 2015, many business sectors are open for foreign workers from ASEAN and other countries. The issuance of some new regulations by Government and/or Ministry of Manpower regarding the process to employ expatriate, wage and other manpower licenses. As example, all companies must register their employees with the BPJS of Health. 

Currently, CB Indonesia has a specialist employment team and handles a whole range of employment matters from employment contract, license, foreign work permit, to dealing with employment disputes. Our team may conduct external audit/review/investigation to check the compliance aspects to the labour law and regulations. 


General Business License 

Our team has deep knowledge and strong internal database on regulations regarding general business license in Indonesia. We handled general business license application which covers: Company Registration Certificate, Certificate of Domicile, The Taxpayer Registration Number, Mandatory Manpower Report, Employee Social Security, ID Licenses to Employee Expatriate. 


Legal Consultancy

Our team consist of legal expertise and practitioners who have experiences in several business sectors. We provide legal consultancy which covers litigation or non-litigation matters (agreement review, legal memorandum, and legal opinion) and other legal services.