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Mirtjahjanto Adi Mitrono

Has a degree from the Australian Northern Territory University and Queensland University TAFE majoring in Business Administration and Marketing. Prior to study in Australia, Adi Mitrono completed his study Hospitality studies in Jakarta. Prior to start running CB Indonesia, Adi Mitrono was assigned in some business expertise, such as: Retail Industry, Educational Industry, Transportation Industry, Hospitality Industry, Legal Consultant. Therefore, with his extensive expertise mostly in Hospitality, Banking & Investment; Legal; Educational; Hospital.






Michael Nicholson
was born in Germany, where he spent his childhood. In addition to 12 years in Indonesia. Mike is a Human Resources Consultant and a Member of the UK Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, a Board Member of the International Business Chamber (19 International Business Chambers in Jakarta), the Chairman of the IBC Human Resources Group, previous Board Member of the British Chamber of Commerce in Indonesia from 2004 to 2008 and a Board Member of the Indonesian Heritage Society from 2010 to 2013.
Mike has spent 40+ years in all areas of International Human Resources and was the HR Manager for Bechtel, the world’s largest privately owned construction company, in Abu Dhabi for four years.